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  • Soy Wax Candle Sara Flower Scent - Fuu’i 150ml
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Soy Wax Candle Sara Flower Scent - Fuu’i 150ml

24.88 $

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  • Candlewick Made From Pure Cotton 100%, Soy Wax, The Scent, The Wooden Box
About this Product
Size 150ml
The wooden box made of wood which excess from building a house or making a furniture! -Candlewick made from pure cotton 100%! -Soy wax from soybean in a local farm! -The scent made from natural ingredients such as essential oils, fruit, and flower! It only burns 2 degrees hotter than your body temp.! - So it is warm like a massage oil and never burns you. ! - Simply burn your candle for 15-20 minutes to allow enough of a liquid to pool.! -Then dip your fingers in and apply to all hard to soften skin areas (heels, elbows, hands etc...)! -Create a Romantic Atmosphere with Fuu’i soy wax candle!
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