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We invite you donate together with us to the international relief agencies and nonprofit organization’s branch locate in Thailand, such as Tzu Chi Foundation , The Chaipattana Foundation , MSF etc, with our mission to connect with people to create a better society.

Some people entrust to planting or redeem a vow and etc, as our seed of hope is to see all of your footprints are with us on the path through these relief agencies non-profit organization is a simple concept that can change the society. For as little as ¥1 (RMB) of each item you purchased on this website goes to donation, anyone can help and really see the change of better society through these effort of all the agencies and organizations.

Unnaya group was founded on a vision of most positive impact to the society worldwide with prime selection of quality green products, so we created a giveNgreen activity. Donate to Charitable Agents is a revolutionary new way, It is our small but sustainable contribution to making our world a better place. We believe that every person, organization and business has a manifest obligation to give back. No matter how small, everything counts.


Proceeds from the purchase on our website just a path through to non-profit organization to support the better society all around the world. Best way to feel good about your purchase.
Beside ¥1 (RMB) of each item you purchased on this website goes to donation plus you also able to donate the items to the legal non-profit organization, by we free the shipping cost to China and Thailand area. (Other area please contact our offline service

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